Visual content provider Shutterstock today announced the launch of ​Smart Brief – a new tool designed to simplify and improve the creative briefing process for marketers and creatives.

The new service is part of Shutterstock Custom, a premium content management solution that helps enterprise clients produce and scale branded content. Shutterstock Custom users will be able to access the Smart Brief tool, which employs automated technology to accelerate the traditional creative collaboration process.

Smart Brief in action.

According to the company, key highlights of the tool include:

Intelligence. Powered by machine learning, the tool guides users through the process with relevant prompts that capture accurate inputs while eliminating conflicting or unnecessary information

Improved collaboration. Users will have the ability to accept changes and recommendations from other team members, view or revert to previous versions, and clone existing briefs.

Flexibility. Users are able to make adjustments to controls, production value, and the service level per project as the scope of work evolves.

Why we should care

Creative collaboration is often a pain point for both marketers and creative professionals alike – and can be particularly challenging for agency teams managing high-volume client projects.

A tool like Smart Brief has the potential to streamline workflows, resulting in less time spent inputting briefs and obtaining approvals and more time dedicated to creating high-quality branded content.

“The traditional creative brief process is laborious, time-consuming, and leaves a lot open to interpretation… We set out to automate and simplify the experience,” said Sylvain Grande, SVP of product and UX at Shutterstock. “Smart Brief streamlines our clients’ workflow and in turn, allows them to receive content faster without compromising results or having to be on set.”

Source: Shutterstock launches Smart Brief, collaborative tool for creative briefs

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