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Karen Taylor, MD 

Ob/Gyn Physician

Meet Dr. Taylor
Karen Taylor, MD, FACOG, is a skilled and compassionate gynecologist located in Newport Beach, CA who is dedicated to providing state-of-the-art, patient-centered gynecological care for women of all ages. At her practice next to Fashion Island, Dr. Taylor provides patients with an array of treatment options and medical services including well woman exams, birth control counseling, and treatment options including IUD placement, STD testing, hormone replacement therapy, treatment for menopause issues, diagnosis and management of pelvic pain.

Hormone Replacement


Well Woman Exam

IUD Birth Control

STD Testing

Fertility Consultation

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For many couples having trouble conceiving a baby, fertility treatment costs are a significant barrier preventing them from seeking or continuing care. The National Infertility Association describes their situation: “It is not a fertility diagnosis that stands directly in the way of becoming a parent, it is the ability to afford the treatment and other family building options that becomes the biggest barrier.”

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Fee for Service / Direct Access

Dr. Taylor’s goal is to give her patients the time and personal care they need. In order to provide this unique, personal care the practice is a ‘Fee for Service/Direct Access’ model. At each appointment patients pay a scheduled fee for their appointment. Dr. Taylor will provide paperwork for you to submit a bill to your insurance company for potential reimbursement to you. Insurance reimbursements will vary as only some insurance companies have out-of-network benefits. It is important to note that only office visits are out-of-network: labs, mammograms, etc. will be billed directly to insurance.

Well Woman Exam Q & A

What is a well woman exam?

Women’s health needs can differ substantially from those of men, and those needs can change dramatically as we get older. Plus, women can experience serious medical issues like heart disease in different ways, which means it’s much easier for a doctor who doesn’t have training in women’s health issues to miss a diagnosis or provide an incorrect diagnosis, delaying critical treatment. Well woman exams are focused on the unique needs of women at every stage of their lives, from puberty all the way through the menopause years and beyond. A doctor trained in women’s health issues is skilled at identifying diseases and other conditions in their early stages and in providing the most appropriate treatment to help ensure superior outcomes. Well woman exams are also important in helping prevent health issues that arise in women and teaching stress management skills since stress affects all of us and plays a large role in our health and quality of life. Prevention ranges from dietary counseling, planning obtainable exercise plans, ensuring good sleep habits and learning stress management. Dr. Karen Taylor’s individualized practice allows you the one on one time with the doctor to go over these very important issues that busier practices do not have the time to discuss.

What happens during a well woman exam?

Well woman visits begin with a complete medical history and a review of any current symptoms or concerns. This includes a review of lifestyle habits and emphasis on prevention followed by measurements of height, weight and blood pressure. Dr. Taylor will do a complete exam encompassing all body systems, with special attention paid to the unique symptoms women can experience as a result of underlying diseases. Additional “women-centric” evaluations are also generally performed, including a clinical breast exam to look for early signs of breast cancer as well as a pelvic exam with a PAP test and/or HPV screening. Personalized guidance regarding fertility, birth control, STD testing and prevention, menopausal management, screening for osteoporosis and other issues will also be provided based on the patient’s age, lifestyle factors, risks, and concerns. Finally, additional medical screenings or lab tests may be prescribed to help women stay as healthy as possible.

How often should I have a well woman exam?

Ideally, patients should have well woman exams once each year to help them get the care they need for medical issues in their earliest stages. Annual well woman visits also help ensure women receive the health screenings they need so they can prevent serious medical issues as they get older.


Dr.Taylor took a lot of time with me answering all my questions in regards to Hormone Replacement Therapy. She was very kind and I highly recommend her.

Debra M.

Very Pleased for through the course of the appointment, inquiries, examination thoroughness and attention to details.

Lina S.

I love Dr.Taylor, she is so professional and knowledgeable and so easy to talk too. She really takes the Tito answer any questions or concerns. I would highly recommend her.

Shirley K.

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